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Working to support individuals to thrive in education is complex.
People of all ages enter the education system from different backgrounds, experiences, and learn in different ways.
Being an educator, understanding and balancing these varying needs can be challenging. We are passionate about supporting schools & universities to have access to psychological knowledge that can change the way they understand themselves and connect with their learners.
This is a space where people can explore challenges, complex presentations and successes in practice, share and learn from each other and reflect on their own wellbeing and resilience.
Specialist consultation to senior leaders to support in understanding the psychological needs of the students they work with.

This could be linked to safeguarding, leadership, implementing trauma-responsive practice and supporting staff to incorporate psychologically informed principles systemically.

Bespoke learning workshops for education settings:

  • Trauma-responsive practice
  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Responding to Self-harm/other complex presentations
  • Fostering resilience for staff and students
  • Developing a culture of compassion
  • Teaching from the inside-out: How self-awareness changes relationships
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