Children, Young People & Families

We understand that life can be really challenging for some children, young people and families.
When systemic support structures are in place and people are given the opportunity to feel a sense of psychological safety, the opportunity to reach their potential is enhanced.
We work with organisations to support staff in understanding and making sense of complex behaviours and presentations. To understand current patterns of behaviour & implications for practice we need to consider the life experiences of that individual and hear their story.
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Supporting staff with reflective spaces to encourage resilience and learning:

Staff reflective practice sessions to provide the safe scaffolding for continuous learning and development

Formulation sessions to support teams of professionals to understand children, young people and/or family systems.
Specialist consultation to senior leaders and organisations to support in understanding the psychological needs of children young people and families.

Supporting organisations who want to think systemically about providing trauma-informed practice.

Bespoke trainings for organisations:

  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Mental health & wellbeing – for staff and young people
  • Psychologically Informed Parenting Skills
  • Attachment & Developmental Psychology
  • Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving
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